Llama Ranch Tours


Your journey begins nestled in the foothills at east edge of the Gallatin Valley in Bozeman, Montana where Montana Llama Guides calls home. Come visit our little slice of heaven as we explore our breeding operations by first starting with the mama llamas and their babies. Each year in June our production females give birth to one “cria” also known as a baby llama after 11.5 months of being pregnant. That’s a super long time! And we take really good care of the mamas and their babies.

A cria will be with its mom for about 6 months before its weaned and moved to a pasture with all the other weanlings. This gives mom some piece and quiet while putting energy into the growing the baby llama inside her. That’s right…once a llama gives birth they are receptive and want to be bred again 17-21 days later. These mamas work hard all year caring for young and developing new ones.

The full maturity of a pack llama comes at 4-5 years of age. Its during its first several years that we begin the training process getting the males ready for the trail. At 3 years of age, the females are mature enough to be bred. We average 4-6 cria each year.

After spending some time feeding the future packers of America, we’ll take a short walk down to the boys pasture aka the packer pasture. This is where we see the real trail kings live. They are always really fun to visit with. They get a lot more attention from people since most of them are on the guide schedule.

Each visit you’ll get a bag of treats to feed plus help feed them hay if they need it. You’ll also have plenty of time to take some real good photos. So don’t forget your camera. Your social media is about to explode. You know…..llamas are the new unicorn. 

Each person also gets a llama souvenir! Your choice of a Montana Llama Guides hat (protect yourself from the sun), a logo water bottle (stay hydrated) or a llama plush toy.

$50/person includes llama souvenir.
By appointment. 24 hours minimum notice required.

To Book your llama ranch tour, call 406.600.3835 or email Dennis@MontanaLlamaGuides.com