Llama Safety Neck Gaiter



A llama safety neck gaiter is very important for hunters using pack llamas. The high visible hunter or safety orange poly mesh industrial fabric with reflective stripe is a simple insurance your llama is not mistaken for a big game animal like a deer or elk. I know this may sound crazy but years ago in our home area I received several calls of a DIY rifle hunter from NY mistakenly shot a brown llama as a cow elk. I’ve also recall a misty, foggy rainy September afternoon when a pair of archery hunters stalked our picketed llamas up to 75 yards before they were able to see the Safety Neck Gaiter. Plus their great in case a llama gets loose. With our llama rental program, all llamas will go out with Safety Neck Gaiters.



  • Blaze or safety orange
  • Reflective center stripe
  • Velcro closure
  • Poly mesh industrial fabric



29″  x 6″ – flat