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Along with a good saddle, a llama packer needs good set of panniers. Some of the features we demand in panniers include tough abrasion and puncture resistant material, strong durable buckles, roomy enough to fit bulky sleeping bags,  and a very nice comfortable fit.  

Black Thunder Gear has developed a light weight, very durable, spacious, well fitting set of llama panniers. These panniers are oversized compared to traditional sizes at 19.5″ x 16.5″ x 11.5″ with roomy side pockets that fit a bulky jacket, your lunch, water bottles or a first aid kit. The lid straps are uniquely position to buckle on top of the pannier versus buckling on the side which keeps the tail of the strap from dangling below the pannier. This makes for nice, clean, neat looking panniers going down the trail. 

The horn loops are a nice wide 2 inch strap using 2 inch strap adjusters instead of buckles. Really nice feature. Buckles break and we’ve found guides and clients buckle them backwards making it really hard to unbuckle when loaded on the llama.   In between the horn loops is a nice generous handle along with a structurally sound over strap attached. These over straps are awesome! Once both panniers are hooked over the horns, the over strap from one pannier goes over top to the other pannier and buckled on the side. Once both over straps are buckled, the straps can then be slightly tightened to really bring the load into the llamas back. 

Now let’s look under the hood. A another unique design to the Black Thunder Panniers is the collar system. In traditional panniers and even human backpacks, getting into the pannier requires opening up a nylon collar with draw cord. These panniers have two side flaps and front flap to allowing a packer to really tighten down on the load with these buckled flaps.


  • Shelter-Lite industrial fabric
  • Large durable poly mesh side pockets
  • Sewn-in over straps for load stability
  • 2 inch horns loops with strap adjuster
  • Generous center hand loop
  • Oversized capacity
  • Unique poly mesh compression collar system
  • Reinforced seams and bound seams


Weight 5.6 lbs per set
Dimensions 19.5″ x 16.5″ x 11.5″

Built with pride in Bozeman, MT USA


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