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Now offering two archery elk camps with DIY drop camp option

Recognizing the importance and preference of a DIY archery elk hunt for the experience hunters, we are now offering DIY hunts. You hunt unguided and we provide the rest. These 6-day Montana elk hunts provide you with the same creature comforts of a guided hunt, you just don’t need a guide to hold your hand. We provide the entire camp, provide all the food, a camp chef/tender and help assist in the pack in/out of your gear and meat. Limited to 4 hunters per week.

Montana Llama Guides provides guided fair chase, ethical big game hunts for elk, deer and mountain goats on public land on the Beaverhead-Deerlodge National Forest. Montana Llama Guides is authorized to use or occupy National Forest System lands to provide outfitting and guiding services. We provide small, specialized archery elk hunts supporting you with your incredible adventure in Montana.  Join us the season.

Dennis L Duenas  \\  Montana Outfitter #49290  \\  Hunting, Fishing, Pack Animal

The archery season begins the first of September and goes through the third week of October. The third week of October begins the general rifle season. Be sure to visit Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks for detailed information on season dates, regulations, permits and licenses. Non-resident hunters must apply for elk and deer tags by March 1 – April 1 each year.

September is prime time for archery elk hunting

It’s magical. It’s intense. It’s an adventure. There’s nothing like archery hunting for rutting, screaming bulls. The archery season is one of the best times to experience Montana with cool crisp mornings and the changing of the colors. If you’ve never experienced this incredible up-close personal experience of large massive elk rutting, here’s your chance.

Make no mistake, elk hunting is hard. They live in the most nastiness of places far from predators and humans. Picture yourself in rugged, uneven terrain with incredible views in all directions. Archery elk hunting is physically and mentally demanding and requires a lot of preparation. Think about this –

We’ll do everything we can to give you the opportunity and help you prepare. This includes consulting with you on “getting in shape” and proper mountain gear like mountain boots, clothing layer systems, sleeping bag and day packs. Don’t forget to check out our Hunting Gear List here.

Though demanding, there is nothing like the serenity of the mountains in their raw form in September. The views are amazing. You’ll only hear nature – No cars and traffic, No machinery, No city chatter. If you’re looking for the ultimate outdoor experience, come hunt elk with a bow with us. It will make your hair blow back!

Why our self-guided, drop camp option is right for you

We have a unique approach to our Montana hunting drop camps by offering a self guided and catered experience. Imagine having a camp cook/tender and llama wrangler who will manage camp, stock retention and food preparation and proper food storage. We’ll provide a nice breakfast, pack you a lunch and have dinner ready on your return. Our wranglers will manage the camp and stock to make sure they are fed and watered. We’ll cut firewood and have fresh potable water. This allows you and your buddies to concentrate on hunting and not worry about camp chores, bears in camp or dealing with the care of the llamas.

Montana Llama Guides will provide all sleeping tents with stoves, sleeping pads and/or cots, camp equipment, kitchen, buy food, prepare each meal, and help with elk extraction.

What happens when you have an animal down?

Call in the llama cavalry! One of the biggest challenges for most folks is what to do once an animal is down. Especially on a big elk. It could likely take hours to field dress, quarter and hang. Then, the pack out on your back could take days. Let the llama cavalry do all the work. Once you have an animal down, you’ll need to field dress, quarter and hang. Once llama camp is notified, we’ll come in with game retrieval and transport to the processor. This lets you stay in camp and hunt with your friends.

IMPORTANT: Carcasses, heads or meat WILL NOT be allowed in camp or at trailhead. Once an animal is down, it must go straight to processor or meat locker.

Please read the Wild Game Handling and Processing here.

Add roughly $200 to be paid directly to meat locker for storage if you intend to processor yourself. Wild game processor will store for the week of your hunt. No heads or hides allowed at processor. 

Expect about $250 for cut, wrap, vacuum seal for elk and $100 for deer. Shipping prices vary. Please inquire with us for more information.


Meadow Creek Archery Elk Camp

Our Meadow Creek Camp is situated at 7600ft nestled along a flowing stream tucked up in the trees with a network of meadows around us. The overhanging mountains reach summits well over 10,000 ft. At the base of these towering peaks, you’ll find a network of pristine alpine lakes between 8,800 ft – 9,000 ft.

Elk summer high in the mountains until the snow flies and is deep enough to push them down toward wintering range. You’ll be hunting for elk 5-9 miles from any road or trailhead with up to 4 miles from camp. This is a non-motorized area with horse and foot traffic only. All our hunting areas are ripe with wildlife and a haven for elk. Get this, the elk herd has doubled in size over the past 10 years and is aligned with meeting elk quotes with Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks.  Limited to 4 hunters in camp per week. We can help with the non-resident application process. Ask us about the Outfitter Preference Point Option.


High Ridge Archery Elk Camp

We are excited to add this High Ridge Camp to our hunting program. This camp has been around in use by an outfitter before the 1980’s yet  hasn’t been in use since 2010. The High Ridge Camp is just that- high up on a flat, rounded ridge where the terrain spills out from camp in all directions. There is a network of trails in the area which makes navigating easier. Terrain here has deep draws with lots of timber, lots of water, and lots of grass with large open meadows. Camp is located right on the edge of a recent fire which is a very good benefit for you as the archery elk hunter. Elk love new growth following a big burn. Here’s your change for a hunt of lifetime. Limited to 4 hunters in camp per week.

2024 Meadow Creek Hunt Dates:
Week 1  |  September 8-13
Week 2  |  September 15-20
Week 3  |  September 22-27
Week 4  |  September 29-October 4

2024 High Ridge Hunt Dates:
Week 1  |  September 8-13
Week 2  |  September 15-20
Week 3  |  September 22-27, Booked
Week 4  |  September 29-October 4

Price: 6-day Trips, 1-night front country lodging, 5-nights backcountry, 6-day meals, all camping gear
$3900/person, self-guided
$5500/person, fully guided, 2:1
$6500/person, fully guided, 1:1
*Inquire about custom group sizes and options

Included: Complimentary overnight accommodations in hotel or similar near hunting area the night before trip departure. All meals, beverages, snacks, and camping equipment including inflatable sleeping pads, cots, backcountry tents or tipis with wood stoves, a cook tent/tipi, camp chef/tender, meals and beverages, gear pack in/pack out, meat pack-out.

Excluded: Airfare or other travel costs, to the hunting area, personal hunting gear, Montana fishing and hunting license, 0 deg backpacking sleeping bag, weapon of choice, gratuities (15-20% suggested), meat locker, game processing, shipping costs. 

What about non-resident hunting license and tags?

We can help with the non-resident application process. Ask us about the Outfitter Preference Point Option. Visit Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks for more information

Permitted Commercial Use on the Beaverhead-Deerlodge National Forest & Montana FAS
Dennis L Duenas  \\  Montana Outfitter #49290  \\  Hunting, Fishing, Pack Animal