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Yellowstone National Park

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Ahhh, the Lamar. What a beautiful sight! The panorama views from the easy trail are mind boggling. Its incredible to see such a beautiful wilderness landscape untouched and virtually undisturbed as you venture far into the backcountry. Bison, antelope, deer, grizzlies and wolves frequent the area free to roam as you view them from afar in their world.

The Lamar River is a tributary of the Yellowstone River beginning high in the Absaroka Mountains bordering the Park to the north and east. Its revered as the best places in Yellowstone National Park to see wildlife and it’s a popular destination for world class fly fishing.

Lamar Valley | Wildlife, Wellness & Fly Fishing

Custom Dates | 4-5-day Trips
7+ miles | Intermediate

The Lamar River is one of the last rivers to clear from snow melt in mid-July and sometimes into August depending on snowpack. Summer thunderstorms can muddy up the water for several days making fishing tough. We experience most summer thunderstorms in July making August a great time to be on the Lamar.

Because of the proximity to the road and the confluence of Soda Butte Creek, getting away from the crowds is a must. This why our camp at 3.5 miles makes a great spot to fish both the Lamar and Pebble Creek. Pebble Creek is a smaller creek with smaller fish but has less pressure and beautiful scenery. One can catch several native Yellowstone Cutthroat ranging in 8-14″ on Drakes and terrestrials like hoppers, ants and beetles.

What to Expect

This llama trek starts at the Soda Butte/Lamar River Trailhead 15 miles east of Tower Junction. At 3.3 miles Cache Creek feeds into the Lamar and the location of our camp. After the next 7 miles, we’ll approach the joining of Miller Creek and the next stock camp.

This trek is an out and back with great opportunities for viewing wildlife, photographic hikes, and lounging at camp sipping on some wine thanks to the llamas. Fly Fishing and wildlife opportunities are plentiful at both stock camps. Make this a 5-day Lamar Valley experience with one night at the first stock camp, two nights and the next stock camp, then back to the first and out. Not too many people can say they’ve fished Lamar backcountry. Even less have said it with the support of llamas.

$2125/person (5-days/4-nights).

Trips Dates:
Custom dates available. Please inquire.

Included: All meals, beverages, snacks, and camping equipment including sleeping pads, sleeping bags, and backpacking tents. Also included is your own llama trail companion, trail guide, interpretation of the flora, fauna, geography and history. Inquire about our fly fishing packages.

Excluded: Airfare, arrival/departure hotel (can add at additional cost), transportation to trailhead, Yellowstone NP fishing license, YNP Entrance fees, gratuities (10-20% suggested).

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