Nature Hikes with Llamas at Sage Lodge

Man wasn’t made to be cooped up in cubicles, cars, and living rooms. It’s well documented healthy eating and exercise does the mind and body good. We all know Mother Nature does have the power to heal with her stunning landscapes and fresh air. Now add a llama as your trail companion and life just got a whole lot better.





Located in the Paradise Valley just north of Yellowstone National Park sits the world class Sage Lodge. Influenced by fly fishing, Sage Lodge is our basecamp for day llama treks. Visit with the llamas and grab one for a trail companion, as we hike through the property soaking up the beautiful valley with the magnificent Emigrant Peak looming above. Once leaving the Sage Pond (which has great fly fishing for big rainbows), we’ll soon have our first glimpses of the valley and Yellowstone River.

Leaving the river view behind, we then will hike toward the famous Emigrant Peak as we make our way through the prairie landscape headed for the stream lined with cottonwoods. Whitetail deer are plentiful in the area as well as foxes, coyotes, eagles, and owls.  

Nature Llama Treks, $130/person

Join us on a beautiful interpretive nature trek with a llama as your companion! Our llama supported nature trek is perfect for anyone looking to stretch their legs with ease and enjoy beautiful Mountain view’s, river ecology, wildflower identification and wildlife scenery. Bask in the fresh mountain air while getting to know your llama. Our guides will educate, support and tour the local flora and history of the area alongside some fun llamas facts. 

You’ll have a lifelong memory to share with amazing and fun pictures!
Join us and book your adventure today!   Great for families, kids, corporate retreats, groups and couples.

$130 – 2.5 – 3 hour guided llama trek
Morning & Afternoon Treks. May 15 –  September 30

8:30 am & 4:00 pm (May, June, September) 5:00 pm (July & August)
Includes trail snack, bag of llama treats, souvenir, n/a beverages, and shuttle to llama camp. Additional backcountry meals can be added at $25/ person for PRIVATE groups only.
 AGES 6+ (6&7 year-olds will need to share a llama with an adult)

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The Llama Sundowner, $185/person

Sundays and Wednesday  evenings – 4:00 pm. Add an evening of food and drinks to our  Llama Treks. A great way to relax, slow down, and restore.

4 hour guided trek with long picnic, charcuterie and salad or kid friendly menu, Sage’s own brut, bag of llama treats, souvenir, n/a beverages and shuttle to llama camp. Additional backcountry meals can be added at $25/ person. (6&7 year-olds will need to share a llama with an adult) 

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$50 – Meet & Greet at Llama Camp – 1:00 pm
1 hour with llamas and guide, bag of llama treats, souvenir, and shuttle to llama camp. Additional backcountry meals can be added at $25/ person and guests can eat at the picnic tables at llama camp. Kids 2 and under free.