Dearborn Canyon Llama Trek

Comfortable, pleasant & relaxing | 4-day/3-night

Montana Llama Guides has partnered with K Lazy 3 Outfitters of Lincoln, Montana to offer these trips. We operate under the permit with the Helena National Forest of Montana Outfitter of record license #30503, Kenny Low.

Llama thru hike pack trips require each day to break camp, pack up and move for the day then setup camp again each day. Thru hikes are a great way to see a lot of country but do require earlier morning rises, packing/unpacking each day, and require us to reach camp each day to make sure we stay on schedule.

Llama Basecamps, on the other hand, really should be called Llama Glamping Pack Trips! We pack in for several miles, setup camp for 3 nights then return back to the trailhead. The Upper Dearborn River is a perfect Llama Basecamp with 2 layover days to maximize fly fishing, photography, rest and relaxation.

Want to keep moving? Turn this trip into a 30-mile thru hike!

The Dearborn River plunges over granite boulders as it makes it way out of the Rocky Mountain Front to the windswept grass land prairie to the east. The beautifully sculpted canyon walls create rock pools and slides of gin-clear water with a fairly abundant amount of fish for the avid fisherman. With an average of 12-inch fish, rumor has it 18-monstors have risen from the bottom of the deepest pools. August is a great time for fly fishing the Dearborn with hoppers clacking on the shores with eager fish waiting for one wrong move. This is a very low pressure river since these upper stretches require a little more effort.

On our layover days, we can climb up to the actual Continental Divide for spectacular views of southern tip of the Rocky Mountain Front and the Scapegoat Wilderness, continue up the Dearborn River exploring its banks or hike into the Carmichael Basin.

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Price: $1400/person
Included: All meals, beverages, snacks, and camping equipment including sleeping pads, sleeping bags, and backpacking tents. Also included is your own llama trail companion, trail guide, interpretation of the flora, fauna, geography and history.
Excluded: Airfare, arrival/departure hotel (can add at additional cost), Montana fishing license, gratuities (10-20% suggested).

Operating under the permit with the Helena National Forest of Montana Outfitter of record license #30503 Kenny Low at K Lazy 3 Outfitters.