About Backcountry Pack Llamas

About Backcountry Pack Llamas
A well trained and conditioned pack llama is a pretty remarkable beast. They are strong, quiet, gentle, very agile and sure footed on unstable, steep ground with their padded feet. Not to mention, they can carry up to one-third of its body weight. Llamas are smart and, when they feel safe, can be quite easily trained.

These mysterious creatures are the ultimate pack animal for low-impact on our natural wilderness.


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Nowadays, you’ll find several different types of llamas all with different characteristics. Traditionally, llamas were used for packing and working while their cousin the alpaca was used for their fleece or fiber. (Visit NRMAlpacas.com for more information about alpacas). As more and more people in the US started raising llamas, some early pioneers started introducing alpaca genetics for a more wooly fiber llama. Over time in the US, the working pack llama wasn’t being produced leaving it hard to find quality genetics for packing. Conformation and movement in the working llamas is critical.  They are athletes. Over the past several years, community organizations like the North American Ccara Association are working to preserve the ultimate pack animal.

These mysterious creatures are the ultimate pack animal for low-impact on our natural wilderness. Their soft padded, two-toed feet a very gentle on the land. They browse and graze grass down without tearing out roots and their manure is similar to elk droppings. We actually spread the manure on our garden and pasture back at the ranch. Their impact is no more than a group of hikers.

While on the trail, the pack llama is a great companion. They are quiet and alert. Many times they spot the wildlife before you do. Just watch their eyes. They don’t complain too much except for little humming here and there. On our trips, you have the option of leading a llama or enjoying the wilderness at your own pace. While at camp the llamas will be tethered to a stake in the ground to be able to graze at their leisure.

Does a llama pack trip sound right for you?


Join us for a alpine mountain lake llama basecamp or alpine lake loop llama trek. Or maybe something in the Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex just outside Glacier National Park with our partners at K Lazy 3 Outfitters. We also have great opportunities in Yellowstone National Park with our partners at Access WILD.

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